Annual Finance Campaign drawing to close

Our annual Finance Campaign is drawing to a close. Thank You for your generosity! A great many Estimate of Giving Cards have been returned. Every single one is critical for the ministry of our church. I especially want to thank Chairperson Dan Vickers and his many dedicated assistants for putting so much time and effort into making Consecration Sunday the fine experience it was.
Again, I want to thank each and every single member and supporter of the First United Methodist Church of Mineola for all that they do and have done. Our church’s many ministries continue, and prosperously grow, because every year our church members prayerfully take the time to pray, pledge, and donate a certain amount of their income. Together, this becomes our budget. Together, we do a LOT in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Faithful giving leads to transformed living.
Most pledge cards have been returned. Thank You! Have you returned yours? Together, let’s pray that this coming year will be a wonderful year in which we are strongly led by the Holy Spirit of God.

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