Oct 2017

Our church is historic and beautiful. However, parts of it have run down a little bit; we need to have some work days to spruce it up. Two special work days will take place on two consecutive Saturdays, October 14 and October 21. We will begin at 9:00 a.m.
The projects we hope to accomplish are listed below. Each will have a work team to accomplish their task:
Power Wash the Austin Stone on the Sanctuary and Educational Buildings
Trim the Landscaping
Paint the Entry Steps at the Sanctuary
Do Necessary Door and Trim Painting at the Sanctuary and Educational Buildings
Spruce Up and Renovate the Narthex at both Worship Facilities
Upgrade Visitor and Handicapped Parking Signs
Paint the Ministry Center Parking Lot Lights and Replace Bulbs as Necessary
Repaint the Parking Lot stripes, bumpers, and curbs (Youth Have This Task)
Volunteers are needed! (Especially ones with Power Washers) If you would like to volunteer to be on one of the work teams please contact Work Day Coordinator John Epps through his email at lowell.epps@yahoo.com or call him at 830-444-1400. If you could lend support to the work teams by providing water, cookies, energy treats, etc. that would be appreciated.
Mineola is growing. We can grow too, but for us to grow we should have newcomers who see our facilities as sharp and attractive. A church with inspiring facilities and signage is much more likely to have first-time visitors than one whose outward appearance isn’t up to par. And first-time visitors are absolutely necessary to grow and sustain a church.
Having facilities that encourage new visitors is sometimes called “Architectural Evangelism”. It has been a part of Christianity for over 1000 years; let’s all do our part to share the Gospel and “make disciples of all the nations.”
I hope to see you at the Work Days!

Oct 2017

During my lifetime my mother wrote me many letters of advice and direction. Sadly (and very regretfully) I threw away or lost many of those letters. Then suddenly one day she died and her letters became priceless to me forever. Here is one she wrote me in 1982 when I was on internship. She had a Lot of Love and a Lot of Good Ideas. What are Your thoughts?
Dear Paul,
The following are things that I (as a church member) would expect of my minister and intern.
1. Write and deliver real good sermons.
2. Greet people after church and before Sunday school.
3. Teach a Sunday school class or visit different ones each Sunday, or be a guest speaker at
different ones.
4. Phone members who haven’t been there for 3 straight Sundays and tell that you miss them.
5. Phone or visit the old people who can’t come anymore.
6. Visit those in Old Folks homes.
7. Visit the sick.
8. Visit the hospital.
9. Visit new mothers.
10. Visit all college kids home for the summer and get a Bible Study going with some social activity
afterwards like going out for pizza, etc.
11. Go to all board meetings.
12. Have active Jr. High and Senior High groups.
13. Take the kids bowling, skating, shows, dancing, bunco party, pizza party, game night – with card
games, etc. Make money with cake sales, car washes, etc. to do something for someone in need.
14. Visit all new people who visit!
15. Visit all new members!
16. Have new visitors over for coffee, Coke, bought cookies with an old member couple so they can
feel that they might make a personal friendship.
Hope you are well and happy.

Sep 2017

Dear Church Family,
Today’s sermon may not be especially good in style, eloquence or enthusiasm, but the main message is about the best message one can ever hear:
To quote the Bible, “Pray without ceasing.”
I believe in prayer. It is the best way to draw strength from Heaven. –Josephine Baker
If you pray only when you’re in trouble, you’re in trouble.
Prayer Changes Everything.
Prayer is for sinners as well as saints.
God answers prayers and God Blesses Prayers and God Blesses Prayers.
On a similar topic, please especially be in prayer for two upcoming Emmaus Walks. On October 5-8 a men’s walk will take place. On the next weekend, October 12-15 a women’s walk will be taking place.
Emmaus is an almost indescribable experience. If you ever wish to attend a walk, please immediately let me know. For me, in 1994, it was a VERY memorable and significant faith experience. If you haven’t been…PRAY about it. YOU will be Blessed!

Sep 2017

Dear Church Family,
-His Kids began with 59 children and an army of GREAT volunteers.
-The Youth were given almost $3000 to make Flood Buckets. So far their total is approximately 80 completed and more are on the way. They’ve worked long and hard to help families devastated by Hurricanes.
-The Bible Study on Esther, led by Beth Moore, began on Thursday with over a dozen enrolled.
-The United Methodist Women donated $500 to Flood Buckets and $500 to the United Methodist Committee On Relief. The United Methodist Men also did exactly the same thing. The UMCOR funds will help in America and the Caribbean islands. The Mineola Flood Buckets will stay in America.
-Several from our Church went on a mission trip to Orange with Christian Carpenters for Christ. They received 10 Flood Buckets through the Youth Group and some reserve funds from the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.
-Residents of Mineola Senior Housing enjoyed a great Barbeque though our Seniors Ministry.
-Chair Yoga Classes got off to a great start.
-The Youth began planning a short Mission/Learning/Work trip to Sager Brown, the Methodist Emergency Supply Warehouse in Baldwin, Louisiana.
-Strides forward were made in Evangelism and Missions.
Those are just some of the things our church was doing this week. One of my favorite ways to evaluate a church is to ask a simple question: What would the community be like if it didn’t exist? I’ll answer that in detail in a later message, but this week has been a GREAT affirmation that we are here to save souls, nourish souls, and serve God by serving mankind. I can’t help but be proud, maybe too proud, but a LOT of good things are happening.
As we go through another wonderful week here, let’s not forget that our country has been devastated by two powerful hurricanes. Our Neighbors and Families are hurting! I still feel EVERYBODY should be doing SOMETHING.
Please keep these life-changing ministries in your prayers, and especially keep praying for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

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