Reverends Charles Allen and Mark Young

As a Methodist pastor I have had many other friends who are also pastors. Two I would like to speak about this morning are Reverend Charles Allen and Reverend Mark Young.
Mark is a Mineolan, having married a wonderful lady (Sherri) from Mineola many years ago and then finally retiring here a few years ago. They now live very near the Funeral Home on 37 on what Mark likes to call a “hobby farm”. I know he now feeds chickens, horses, cattle, etc.
But I especially know that he is a fine Methodist pastor. Currently, in retirement, Mark serves part-time as the pastor of Canton-Wallace Methodist Church. Before that he served 40 years pastoring churches in Houston and East Texas. Additionally he served as the District Superintendent of the Beaumont District for 5 years and as the Director of Spiritual Care and Values Integration at the Houston Methodist Hospital at Willowbrook. His dad was a Methodist pastor and so is his daughter.
I’m proud to say that he has been a friend of mine since 1980.
The other Methodist pastor on my mind this day is now in Heaven. His name is Charles Allen. Charles Allen wrote over 50 books, received more souls into membership than any other Methodist pastor in history, and is a legend in the Houston area. I’m proud to say that he, too, was a friend.
He could do a great many things exceptionally well, but he could especially preach with power, eloquence, and conviction. From experience I just know exactly what he would do if he were here on this Consecration Sunday. When he preached about finances his favorite theme was, “You can’t out-give God!” Then he would proceed to prove it. Then, after worship and lunch, he’d come to my home, demand we watch the Cowboys on TV, and sleep through the whole game.
Charles was right; you can’t out-give God.
Mark will prove that to us today. We’ll want to see more of Mark in the future.

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