Let’s Do This Right!
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Today is Thanksgiving Sunday, the Sunday leading up to the start of the “Holiday Season” that includes Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas (along with New Year’s Eve). THANK YOU to EVERYONE who is making the next 5 weeks so Beautiful and Holy!
I have definite beliefs about this time of the year. At its worst, it is just absolutely EVIL. It can be a time of Too Much…too much spending, too much shopping, too much drinking, too much partying, too much eating, too much stress, too much hurry, too much worry, too much JUNK.
At its best, it is HOLY. At its best, we thank God on Thanksgiving. At its best, we celebrate the season of Advent by keeping Christ and His Holy Spirit central throughout Christmas. We don’t just remember the Reason for the Season, we live our lives special, Holy ways in November and December.
At its best, we live out the season through SERVICE. We started wonderfully with a free Thanksgiving meal for 100 last Friday. Next week we’ll do flood buckets after church. A soul-winning prayer garden is taking shape as well. Caring and Sharing will soon be here and almost incalculable amounts of love and dedication have gone into making it a beautiful success (again)! We have other special plans for service and worship as well.
At its best, we live out the season through MEANINGFUL FELLOWSHIP in which there is heart-to-heart communication with family and friends. We take time to really listen and really share with our loved ones, to overcome past differences through forgiving and letting go of old resentments, and especially to share our faith with our closest loved ones. One of the very best things about the Christmas season is that it gives us a unique, annual opportunity to share our Faith. Don’t let the opportunity pass by! You may not get another chance.
Finally, at its best, we live out the season through JOYFUL WORSHIP. God Sent Us A Savior! Let’s celebrate that through Holy worship experiences. I’m looking forward to the Hanging of the Greens, to the Christmas Cantata, to Christmas Eve, and more. Invite your friends; let’s celebrate this season the Right Way.
THE CHOICE IS YOURS. How will you spend the next 5 weeks? I urge you to resolve Now, Here, Today to make this season all about Christ and His Love.

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