AS OF MAY 7, 2019



The church facilities and grounds at 612 North Newsom and 319 North Johnson are the property of Mineola First United Methodist Church. THE USE OF ANY PART OF THE FACILITIES IS GOVERNED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES AND THE SENIOR PASTOR.



Groups requesting use of the facilities must read this policy, then complete and return the Building Use Request Form before permission will be approved. Use will be scheduled based on the following:

• First priority is for worship, education, and special church functions.

• Church members may request a room(s) for personal events (non-religious activity), depending on

availability on the church calendar; however a fee will be charged for use of the room(s). Any need for a

church program will take precedence.

• Outside organization may request use of the facilities however it must be approved by the Board of

Trustees. A fee will be charged and the current schedule will be attached to this policy. We also require a

deposit of $100 for use of the Court of Praise & Kitchen, which will be held and returned pending satisfactory

clean-up of the facility.

• All Non-church activities should be requested at least 45 days in advance to allow for approvals, but

no more than 90 days in advance and may be subject to rescheduling if a church activity is

subsequently scheduled. Fees must be paid one week prior to use of the facility.

• Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Questions concerning conflicts in scheduling will be resolved by the Board of Trustees in cooperation

with the Senior Pastor and the Administrative Assistant. Their decision will be final.



Use of sound system requires a trained sound technician, therefore it is only available for church-related events. It is not to be made available to outside organizations.



Our church follows the Safe Sanctuary Policy (copy available if requested); therefore groups with minors in attendance must provide supervision with at least two adults who are Safe Sanctuary certified. At no time will children be left unsupervised.



The sanctuary and chapel are sacred and should be treated with the utmost respect. Permission to use these facilities for non-worship activities will be extremely limited.



Worship services or other related activities cannot be held by a minister of another church without the authorization of the Senior Pastor. This includes weddings and funerals.



Persons desiring to use the facilities for a wedding must read and sign the Wedding Policy Agreement Form.



The church office and equipment will not be used without the permission from the Senior Pastor or a staff member.



Church equipment and or furniture will not be loaned. This includes all tables, chairs, speakers, kitchen items, sound system, microphones, overhead projector, CD player, camera, laptops, etc.



Telephones are for church use only; limited short calls will be permitted.



Church and staff use is primary and use by outside organizations should not interfere with the requirements of church staff.



The kitchen may be used if requested and approval granted.

Outside groups using the kitchen facilities must provide their own napkins, plates, eating utensils, cups, glasses, coffee/tea (and associated supplies). These items are available to church groups and at no expense (under most circumstances).

Church members having non-church activities (i.e. anniversaries, birthdays, showers), should provide their own supplies.

Caterers must be identified on the form at the time the facilities are reserved. The caterer will furnish the linens, china, silver, punch bowls, dishes, etc., as required.



A refundable deposit is required by outside organizations. All groups using the facilities will be responsible for cleaning up at the end of the activity. This includes picking up the trash, washing dishes, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming or mopping (if required). A non-church group will be charged a cleaning fee if the group does not clean up and return all furniture to its original setup.



The group using the facilities will be responsible for any damages or lost items. The Custodian, a Trustee member, or staff member will check for damaged or missing items at the end of the activity.

The group will be responsible for making arrangements to open and close the facilities on the date of their event. If keys are provided, they are to be returned to the office immediately.



For preservation of the Ministries Center carpeted walls and outer windows, and all other walls, please adhere to the following:

Use only water soluble paints on windows that can be easily removed without causing damage to the glass (i.e. window chalk). No piercing of carpeted walls in the Court of Praise. Nothing should be stapled or taped to the walls. Please use push pins, Elmer’s adhesive putty, glue dots, or use a bulletin board.



Groups using the facilities must be appropriately chaperoned and will display proper conduct and behavior at all times, or they will be asked to leave.



All tobacco is prohibited in the facilities and on church property (including parking lot).

Firearms are strictly prohibited. Alcohol and/or drugs are prohibited.



Mineola First United Methodist Church is not responsible for personal items brought to the facilities, which may be damaged, lost or stolen. For non-church groups, FUMC assumes no responsibility for injury to any attendee at the group activity.


Updated: December 26, 2011

Updated: February 29, 2012

Approved and Effective: April 1, 2012

Updated September 1, 2013

Updated October 7, 2013



File: Desktop/Facility Use Policy-5-7-19


Back To School by Kiwanis

Caring & Sharing

Bread of Life Breakfasts

Ministerial Alliance Functions

Grace Community Healthcare

Kairos of East Texas









as of 6/5/15







The following organizations / events are exempt from Building Use Fees. They are considered ministries of the church or support of a community project:



May 6, 2019 meeting.

Ed Castro, Chairman, Board of Trustees


Date: May 30, 2019

John Abbott, Chairman, Church Council

facilities of fumc—fee schedule

effective 6-1-19


MINISTRIES CENTER Sanctuary & education bldg.

612 N. Newsom 319 N. Johnson


Activities Room (w/bathroom & sink) Fellowship Hall (large)

Promise Room Kitchen

1st & 2nd Grade Room

3rd-4th-5th Grade Room Classrooms 2nd & 3rd floors

Kindergarten Room

Room 202 Journey Room Sanctuary

Room 200 (with bathroom)

Court of Praise




*Full Day *Half Day

Court of Praise $100.00 $ 50.00

Court of Praise w/kitchen $200.00 $100.00

Kitchen only $100.00 $ 50.00

Room 200-Ministries Center $ 50.00 $ 25.00

Classrooms (101,103,105,203) $ 25.00

Fellowship Hall (w/or without kitchen) $100.00 $ 50.00

Activities Room $ 60.00 $ 30.00

Nursery (requires Safe Sanctuary Certification) $ 20.00


*Full Day = over 4 hours Half Day = any time up to 4 hours



TODAY’S DATE: _______________________ ____Current Member ____ Non-Member


NAME or ORGANIZATION: Note: Outside organizations require approval of the Board of Trustees:



PURPOSE: __________________________________________________________________________


PERSON RESPONSIBLE: ______________________________ Phone No. _____________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________ CITY/ZIP ________________________

E-mail _______________________________________________________________________________

ROOM(s) REQUESTED: _______________________________________________________________


DAY ___________ DATE: _____/_____/____ Function: START time: _______ END time:________


SET UP DAY/DATE _________________ Set up: START time: _______ END time:________


In the Bulletin? NO___ YES ____ What dates? _________________________________________


No. of people ___

*Using a caterer? No__ Yes__ Name & Phone No. __________________________________________

*Nursery Needed? No__ Yes__ No. of children ______ (Must have Safe-Sanctuary Certified Attendants)


Check special needs you will need: ___tables ____chairs ___dishes other: ________________________


*Please read and sign:

 I have read the “Facility Use Policy” dated 5-7-19 and agree to abide by all its requirements, without exception. I will accept full responsibility for the use of the facilities and assume full liability due to negligence

on the part of our organization and its participants.

Charges for non-church organizations or events must be paid one week prior to use of the rooms.



FEE …. $__________

DEPOSIT $__________ _____________________________________________

Signature of representative



You will be notified immediately if your request cannot be granted.



___ SPECIAL REQUEST FOR SOUND SYSTEM Entered on system: __________________

___ Sound Techs Notified By: _______________________________



Facilities Use Request-4-1-12; 10-7-13; 5-7-19